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ABC Cancels Surprise Me and the Strip Poker Game Show

Strip Poker Game Show has a good idea of what most viewers want to see. The prize, however, is on the verge of becoming an afterthought.

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An episode of the game show “Surprise Me” featuring a celebrity had some very interesting twists and turns. One contestant was unexpectedly out of the game. A judge accused one contestant of being a male stripper! At times it seemed that the game show’s main concern was how well the contestants performed in doing the tasks instead of how they would fare in a strip poker game.

A contestant in the game was unable to make it through the whole show after being blindsided by the abrupt ending of the finale of the game. As a result, the “Surprise Me” producers gave her a chance to come back and play in the next episode. Judging from the way she conducted herself throughout the show, it is obvious that the producers would rather have kept her than continue having the contestant, who was in obvious distress, remain on the “surprise me” show.

According to ABC, the winner of the “Surprise Me” was to receive a prize for becoming the “promoter of the month” and getting others to do a strip poker game. It is rather odd that the prize was awarded to the former contestant who was able to maintain a successful game of strip poker while being blindsided in the game finale. In fact, the prize may be the very reason why she was able to win the game at all.

Besides being blindsided by the prize, the winner of the “Surprise Me” was able to re-enter the game and walk away with the strip poker game. She made it clear that she did not care what the prize was. This is an example of how the game show really has changed.

Not only does the show, which airs on ABC, reward the contestants for doing a strip poker game, but it also rewards the producer, the designer and the people who worked behind the scenes for making the game happen. If the producer did not plan for the winner to be granted the prize, that would have been another story. Instead, the producers appear to have lost their mind and rewarded the wrong person.

That is why the show has lost its way and it is about time that the viewers realize that too. For a show that once was about as exciting as watching two trucks clashing on a road, the show now is becoming more like watching three strippers do a strip poker game.

Too bad too because the “Surprise Me” game show is a great show and deserves to live on. We need to get back to the strip poker game show that once did so much for this type of television.