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“Coolidge’s 1894 Poker Game” Book Review

coolidges 1894 poker game

“Coolidge’s 1894 Poker Game” Book Review

One of the funniest books that I have ever read is “Coolidge’s 1894 Poker Game” by Michael Korda. It is a funny and entertaining book with many humorous anecdotes, some of which are true and some of which are not. Most of the stories are true, but there are a few that are not.

It is an interesting book, but it is more for children than adults. Most of the stories in this book are about young boys in the 1940s, but I did like the ones about the younger generation. There are also a few more adult stories. I like that these older stories come from Coolidge himself, who was not afraid to be silly.

The author does his best to stay away from vulgarity, which can be off putting to some readers. The humor is somewhat heavy, but you will laugh your way through the pages. I laughed out loud when I read the story about the magician and his pair of shoes. It was very interesting.

The book is a comedy, and I believe it makes sense to include humor in a book about Coolidge’s poker game. He is actually the one who invented the game in the first place. Of course, he had to get someone to play it.

The book does a nice job in teaching the rules of the game to Coolidge and the players. While we will not be playing the game, we will be able to learn about it from reading this book.

Coolidge’s poker game is pretty much what we think of when we think of poker, but with several unique twists. There is no chance of confusion between the decks. There is a prize for the first one towin five hands.

Coolidge tells how he and his friends played poker at each other’s houses and in various casinos. It is interesting how different it is playing at his home rather than in a casino.

I found it to be a fun book to read and I liked Coolidge’s poker game. I enjoyed most of the stories. It is easy to see why people loved the book, but I cannot say that I really understand all of the jokes and whatnot.