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Episode Two of Season Two of the ESPN Poker Show

The ePoker Show – episode number one of season two is the next episode titled, “Wherein a new contestant will be crowned the new ESPN Poker Show champion.” This episode will be aired on October 14th and will air in its entirety on The show has already been renewed for a third season, which will begin airing on October 24th and will feature yet another new player who was not previously featured on the show.

In this season two episode, “Go Fish”, we see our first glimpse of the future winner of the ESPN Poker Show, wherein two competitors are left waiting to play the winner, but before they can the show, they are approached by the winner who then announces that he will be making the losers a free trip to Las Vegas. This is followed by one of the winners, named Justin Winslow, announcing that he is going to take the losers out to dinner and drink. The winner of the game, Drew Belko, then asks the loser, a male caller who goes by the name of “Eddie” to come over to his table and he will play him a special game. The winner of the game and E, whom we now know as Eddie, states that he would like to play a “Feng Shui-Style” game. Eddie agrees and now comes the moment that we have all been waiting for: the season premiere of the ESPN Poker Show.

The three contestants then play the game, which consists of dice games, memory games, and a lie detector game. The winner of the game is revealed at the end of the episode and the other two players are eliminated.