Poker on TV

Poker TV Shows Are Great For Fun and Entertainment

There are a lot of poker TV shows that are available today. Whether you are looking for online poker, live poker, or live tournament poker, there is a program available to suit your needs. The amount of poker television shows on the market is a great thing for anyone who is a fan of poker or even if you aren’t. These programs offer hours of entertainment that will keep you glued to your TV. Poker is such a popular game that a lot of television shows have been created for it and they all focus on poker. Here are some of the most popular shows and what they are about.

poker tv shows

American Game Show is one of the first poker show to be created. The first one that was broadcast on television and a big hit was called the Million Dollar Round. The guys on this show would put you in a blindfold with a card and blindfolded poker players would bring in a pool of money each to see if you would bet them. If you would bet, you would get a cash prize and the person who came back with the least amount of money would be eliminated. The original host of the show was Steve Harvey and they eventually moved it to the NFL game show format and also moved it to the internet.

Many people enjoy the online poker show called Poker Stars because it allows them to be with their friends in a virtual world. These online shows are set up so that players can log in and talk about poker. If you aren’t a big fan of poker as a game but want to learn more about it then these shows might be for you. The players on these shows aren’t just from the United States so you can chat with players from across the world. Another show that has grown in popularity is called Tournament of Champions, which is hosted by Tony Ding.